Download Hindi Fonts | हिंदी फोन्ट्स

In Hindi Typing, Hindi Fonts (हिंदी फोन्ट्स) or Devanagari Fonts are used. We provide you with any fonts which can be downloaded for free. Hindi fonts are widely classified into two.

  1. Legacy Fonts
  2. Unicode Fonts

○ Legacy Hindi Fonts

Hindi legacy fonts are widely used in printing media, and government exams. For example KrutiDev is widely used in printing and many Typing Test Examination in many states. KrutiDev is also practiced by many typist to increase their skills in Hindi Typing.

To identify the legacy fonts, double click on the font file. In the preview if you can see Hindi, then such font is identified as Legacy Font.

We've collected the most widely used Hindi Legacy font for you. Click on the font below to Download them.

○ Unicode Hindi Fonts

Unicode Hindi Fonts are widely used in Websites, Social media, and all kind of electronic media. A set of standard characters are used by Unicode Fonts which can be identified by all devices universally. Identifying Unicode fonts is very simple. Double click on the font file and it will open the preview panel, if you can see the alphabets in English then it is Unicode Font. Some unicode fonts show digits as English and Some can show it as normal Hindi Digits.

The most popular Hindi Unicode font is Mangal. Download Mangal font for free. We've gathered top 50 Hindi Unicode Fonts for you.

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