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English OCR is a free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that can convert Image to Text in English. This text can be extracted from Images or Scanned documents. Extracted text can be easily formatted, searched, translated or Indexed.

English OCR is 100% free with unlimited uploads without any registration.

English OCR also works with Multiple Image Selected

*You can Select Multiple Images

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OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, it is a technology that is used to detect and recognize text from images or scanned documents.

You can perform following tasks with our English OCR tool.

  • JPG to Text
  • PNG to Text
  • BMP to Text
  • PBM to Text

You can save the output text in Text file, or Word file. You can also copy the text and share on social networks or any other app. By click you can hear the text output.

If you wish to Convert an image with Hindi Text, you can use our Hindi Image to Text.

You can translate the English OCR output to Hindi using our English to Hindi Translation tool.

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